15094335_1148896691890794_1264929007518767077_nTurkey is attacking Rojava while America says nothing and does nothing, nohing at all. This is a very dangerous situation. Because Turkey has conducted 26 air strikes just last night on SDF positions in Manbij. So according to my sources, 100s of SDF / YPG are leaving Raqqa front to respond to Turkish attacks against Rojava, Western Kurdistan.
YPG and SDF should IMMEDIATELY withdraw all their fighters from the Raqqa front, in order to defend Rojava from attacks by Turkey, because America has not lived up to their commitment to prevent Turkey from invading Kurdish lands. YPG should hold a press conference and explain to the whole world, that Turkey is attacking them and Americans are silent  and therefore they will not sacrifice themselves to take Raqqa.
Look, if America even by accident ever

bombed Turkish-backed FSA thugs, Russia, Europe and the whole world would cover that story.

But when Turkey does the same thing to the Kurds, not a single American commander says a single word to stand up for their allies, nor will anyone else say anything – because we are Kurds! This is why Kurdish people can never trust the American government, ever., nor will we trust any western governments. Because history taught us a lesson!

Seriously Why does the American media refuse to cover Turkey’s attack against their most effective ally in the war against ISIS?!



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