Sexually abused and tortured. Violence against a Kurdish female by Turkey continues !

AMED – Torture against Rozerin Kalkan, who was subjected to sexual torture during her detention and sent to Mardin E Type Closed Prison and then exiled to Niğde E Type Closed Prison without informing her lawyers and family, continues. The demand to send Rozerin to Tarsus or Diyarbakır Women’s Closed Prison was rejected.

Rozerin Kalkan, who was detained at her home on August 11 and subjected to sexual torture in Anti-Terror Branch for nine days, was sent to Mardin E Type Prsion on August 24. Rozelin was taken from ward after one week in the prison by saying, “Your lawyer will meet you” and she was taken to see a man indicating to be sub manager of the prison and other people. These men tried to get Rozerin to sign the dispatch note by saying, “The PKK will kill you, and we will send you to another prison.” Rozerin told them, “My family is here, I won’t go another prison. I am responsible for my life safety. No one tries to kill me.” Rozerin was taken to another prison despite not signing the note.

Rozerin’s family applied to the prison, police station and prosecution in order to learn where their daughter was; however, they couldn’t. Two weeks later, Rozerin’s mother Şerife Kalkan learned her daughter was held in Niğde E Type Closed Prison.

Rozerin demanded to be sent to Tarsus or Diyarbakır Women’s Closed Prisons from Niğde Prison, where she is held in solitary confinement; however her demand was rejected on the grounds that no place in the prisons.

Association Against Impunity (Cezasızlıkla Mücadele Birliği) put out an urgent call for action to the UN Special Rapporteur on torture and Human Rights Council and demanded the improvement of detention conditions of 19-year-old Rozerin Kalkan, who has been held in isolation in Niğde E Type Closed Prison, and transferring her to another prison in order to lift the isolation imposed upon her.

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